Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2nd Grade Teacher, Emily Branch wins Prestigious Award

Emily Branch
2nd Grade Teacher &
Sara B. Reuter Promising Young
Teacher Award Winner
Emily Branch attended the Abydos Conference this past week, and we are happy to announce that she received the Sara B. Reuter Promising Young Teacher's Award.  This award is given to a young teacher that must be a trainee or trainer with no more than 7 years of teaching experience and is under 30.  The teacher must have successful teaching experience and exemplify the traits that we would like to see in all teachers.  The award is given to encourage young teachers to continue in the profession as well as recognize them for their work in education.

Sigrid Yates nominated Emily Branch for this award after observing her in the classroom and seeing how she interacted with the students.   Anytime Sigrid has spoken with Emily, she has been very positive about her grade level, about the campus administrators, and about the growth opportunities Gilmer has provided her.  Emily is a continuous learner as demonstrated by accepting the challenge of the Abydos training while simultaneously working on her M. Ed. In Curriculum and Instruction.  She will be able to use the $750 award as she chooses.

It is just a small gift that Sara's husband gives because Sara worked with young teachers in Duncanville ISD to keep them in the profession and to mentor them.  Mentoring young teachers was Sara's passion, and she was
a strong trainer.  Sara's career was cut short by a debilitating disease, but she went to work every day while her disease progressed rapidly.  She was on a walker at the Abydos Conference before she died that summer.  She was only about 40 when she died. Her husband, a superintendent from another district, wanted to continue Sara's legacy of helping young teachers.  This was how the award began.  Since Sara was a trainer for 11 years, he created the award to be given for 11 years.

We are so proud of Emily for her hard work and dedication to the students and staff of Gilmer Elementary.  She takes on the yearbook all by herself and does an amazing job.  She lead the 2nd grade ELA team and also does an outstanding job facilitating there.  Emily is a fantastic role model and goes above and beyond for our campus.  Please join me in congratulating her for receiving this prestigious honor.

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