Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Morning Drop Off Procedures

With spring break around the corner, I need to remind you of our drop off procedures in the morning time.  Here are 3 things that all parents must remember to ensure the safety of our kids.  Please know that the purpose of our drop off procedures in place to ensure the following.

  1. The Safety of All Kids - We do not want a single child hurt or injured.
  2. The Efficiency of the Process - We want to help you drop your child off in a quick manner.

The 3 Rules for Morning Drop-Off

1. The Front of the School (Parent Drop Off)

Students may only be dropped off from their car in front of the school under the awning.  This is the only place that parents can let their kids out of the car to walk into school alone.  This drop area is monitored by school personnel.

2. The Gravel Parking Lot is for Parents Walking their Children to School

The Gravel Parking Lot is NOT a place to drop
kids off at school.  Parents who drive through
the gravel lot are required to walk their child
up to the building.
The gravel parking lot is reserved only for parents who want to walk their child into school.  This is NOT a second drop off location.  Parents who use the gravel lot are required to walk their children across the cross walk and up to the building where duty personnel can take over the supervision of your child. Children are not allowed to walk across the cross walk or up the sidewalk alone.  Parents must accompany children across the crosswalk and up the sidewalk to Pole F.

3. The Earliest You May Drop Off Kids...

The earliest that parents can drop children off at school is 7:20.  Parents may not drop off children before 7:20.  At 7:20, school personnel will open the doors, and you may let your children out of your car at that time.

Safety is our 1st Priority

At Gilmer Elementary School, our first priority is to guarantee a safe environment for every child.  In order to ensure this priority is attained, we need all parents to follow our morning drop off procedures, so that we can ensure the safety of every child.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call.  We appreciate your continued support and teamwork.

John Wink, Principal

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